New News Pet cat Litter

Fresh Information is an environmentally friendly kitten litter. It’s 3x even more absorbent than traditional clay cat litter box and uses baking soda pop to help counteract odours out of your cats’ spend.

It’s also 99% dirt free and non-allergenic rendering it perfect for individuals with asthma, allergen hypersensitivity or various other respiratory circumstances! Its odor-trapping granules are the best in the lecture and continue to work hard to keep your property smelling fresh.

The best part is that Fresh News is constructed from 100% recycled paper. Meaning it can help to avoid wasting trees simply by diverting old fashioned paper from landfills and is eco-friendly!

One heap of reused paper will save about three cu yards of landfill space. It can also be composted and used as a garden soil amendment or mulch.

Contrary to traditional litters, Refreshing News is not produced from sodium bentonite or other chemicals that react to wetness and clump when wet. Which means it does not clog up the litter box, a big additionally for people with pets who have difficulties with odor control and clumping litters.

Additionally it is low-tracking the good thing for those who have cats that like to record their litter around the residence. Lastly, it is a great way of saving money in cat litter box. It is an cost-effective choice that you and your pet cat will both like! You can get a pound of it designed for as little while $1. 49. It is a need to have for any pet owner!

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